Monday, October 26, 2009

Economic Failure

First, is the failure of President Obama to accept or even acknowledge his responsibility for our country’s economic downturn - both, in our nation and here in the state of Nevada.


From the first month that Senator Obama announced his campaign for president, he immediately set out on course of destroying our nation's economy. A plan patterned on James Carvell's strategy (used by President Clinton) to unseat President Bush-41. The plan called for repeating to the American people (over and over) that the economy is in a downward spiral and that it was neglected by the Bush Administration.....sound familiar? Senator Obama continued his two-year assault on every aspect (sales, manufacturing, mining, lumber, and oil exploration to name a few) of our economy. This relentless barrage, slowly over time, destroyed consumer confidence and led to our major part in the global collapse. As any first year economic student learns and knows (except maybe ones from Harvard Community College) is that it's "Consumer Confidence" which drives every aspect of our supply and demand economy. You destroy "Consumer Confidence" and the economy will follow. However clever the strategy, the winning administration is eventually saddled with the “spoils” of its own making, in which the Obama administration continues to claim ignorance to the part they played.