Tuesday, October 9, 2012

"No More Excuses!"
It's time to vote this "Poser" out as president.  President Obama has been a disaster in every way.  Unemployment up, black unemployment is through the roof, with 20 and under at 50%.  Latino unemployment is over 13% nationwide.  Gas prices are up from $1.87 nationwide to over $3.67 nationwide.  California’s average is $4.63 as of today and many places over $5.00 a gallon. 
Over 90 Billion (yes with a B – that is 90 thousand million taxpayer dollars) wasted on green energy.  To all the “global warming” fools out there, “Explain why the average temperature in “Middle Ages Europe” was 3 degrees Celsius warmer than it is today?  There were flourishing vineyards growing a variety of different grapes brought from the Romans conquests. Global warming is cyclical and caused by the earth’s elliptical orbit.   
Let’s talk Cover Ups!  The two most profound are the cover up in Libya due to incompetence of Hillary’s state department and Obama’s inept leadership.  Remember, he never led anything!  Our US Ambassador was raped, tortured, drug through the streets, and murdered along with 3 others, one from here in Henderson, Nevada.  Another Cover Up is “Fast & Furious” where over 200 Mexican nationals have been murdered by 57 guns (verified by Mexican authorities) directly allowed to walk across the border by the Dept. of Justice and Eric Holder – one of Obama’s lifelong cronies. 
Economy is a disaster and in a world-wide recession that Obama started.  Let me explain.  In 2006, as soon as Obama was elected to the US Senate, he sent a team to probe Iowa in preparation for a run at the democratic nomination.  Sen. Obama had to have an issue that overrode all others.  He started to harp on the economy and how unfair it was to “middle class” and ran down our nation’s economy at every chance.  Since he was the media’s darling, Obama received a lot of press and single-handedly destroyed “Consumer Confidence.”  Even those economists from HHC (Harvard Community College) know that the single most critical factor is consumer confidence, and it drives all other factors.  Obama did a good job getting the economy where he wanted, but didn’t have a clue on how to turn it around.  That’s where we sit now! 
Over 200 rounds of golf, countless parties and vacations on the tax-payers dime, over one thousand executive orders (average one a day), crushing the coal industry (electricity), empowering the EPA, killing the Keystone pipeline, Obama- care death panels, and I could go on and on…………….....He is a “Poser”!