Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ex-President Carter's Hatred of Jews

In the new book by former President Bush, it is revealed that former Pres. Carter lobbied against a President Clinton and U.S Congressional resolution against Saddam Hussein of Iraq. All this was even before President Bush took over as president. It is another clear example of former President Carter's hostility towards Israel. When will the American Jewish community realize that the democratic leadership is against the State of Israel? Maybe they don’t care, but they should be vigilant of history repeating itself with passive responses to aggression from within the Democratic Party. Just ask “Liberal Fools” from California, “How do they feel about Israel?” As California goes – so goes the Democratic Party.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

'Pinky' overcomes obstacles to win election

Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.) summed it up nicely, if bizarrely, when he congratulated Reid late Tuesday by calling him Dracula and Lazarus - the monster and the survivor. Maybe Reid, who didn't just squeak past Angle on Tuesday but defeated her decisively with a five-percentage-point margin, is actually a much stronger Democrat than lots of people gave him credit for. Especially after his minor stroke that caused him to take a few weeks off last year to recouperate. A fact that was kept quiet during the election, but was obvious to the electorate during the debates. Pray for Harry's health.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Kagan Committed a Crime

Supreme Court nominee Elana Kagan altered an official report knowingly to persuade the Supreme Court justices to rule in her (and clients) favor. The official charge is "conspiracy to defraud the Supreme Court". The legal watchdog groups filing suit (Judicial Watch & Freedom Watch, USA) intend to have Ms. Kagan disbarred from practicing law. Read the whole report for yourself and come to your own conclusion at www.visiontoamerica.org and then search:

The justices of the United States Supreme Court need to be of a higher moral and ethical standard than that of President Obama's last nominee, Sonya Sodomayor. She lied in her confirmation hearings when she said, "I truly believe that the right to legally own a firearm is an individual's right." First chance she got, once confirmed, was to vote against the individual's legal right to own a firearm in Chicago. "Liberal Fools" have no standards to live by, because a majority of them have never been in an organization that teaches 'honor and discipline'. Wake up America, we don't need another Harvard Community College graduate on the US Supreme Court. They can't read the black of the US Constitution, only between the lines to suade arguments in their favor.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Saturday morning, the wife and I drove the 45 miles to the Searchlight "Tea Party" rally. It was phenomenal!! Cars lined up as far as the eye could see. Stop and go traffic for an hour and fifteen minutes in the middle of desert no-where. After parking, loading up (I was the pack mule) we walked a short mile past a long line of cars and onto the grounds. Weather was great, cool with a small breeze, and always sunny. Sky writers with important messages. There were young & old, black & brown, white & gray, and able bodied & disabled Americans. Younger generations pushing the wheelchairs of grandma and grandpa, older generations pushing the baby strollers, and EVERYONE with one message…LOVE. Love for this country and how to get it back on track. We saw patriots from California, Arizona, Oregon, Alaska, Utah, New Mexico and the great state of Nevada of course!
My conservative estimate was 10 to 12 thousand. The governor of Nevada received a laugh when he said, “I would like to thank all 250 of you for attending.” Everywhere I looked there were people helping people, talking about issues, the constitution, thanking veterans for their service, and good down-to-earth red blooded Americans celebrating Liberty. Not a damn thing un-American!
Thunderous applause greeted Sarah Palin.
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I'm the one in the counter terrorist shirt and 82nd Abn. Div. hat, OK - the fat one with glasses.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Obama back to LV on taxpayer's dime

I would like to start by saying, "Actions shout from the rooftops compared to one's rhetoric." So is the case of our president and Senator Harry Reid from Nevada. On February 18th, Pres. Obama and his "posse" will arrive in Las Vegas for a fundraiser for Sen. Reid's re-election campaign. These actions, by our president, are in express contention to a “presidential directive” depriving any government agency from visiting Las Vegas, NV using tax supported funds. However, since our president can’t or won’t follow his own directive…..does that make him above policy? Reminds me of a quote by another self-discredited president, Richard Nixon, when he said, “If the president does it, is it really against the law? Oh, how the hypocrisy continues!!

It was our Senator Harry Reid who stood idle when President Obama first called for a moratorium on Las Vegas by government agencies – which sounded like, “Don’t go to Las Vegas and blow your hard earned money,” to most everyone in our nation. That was a year ago. Since then over 700 conventions were cancelled at an estimated cost (LV bureau of tourism) to our economy exceeding 100 million dollars. If Senator Reid is this “all powerful” senator, why couldn’t he get the president to recant or at least clarify his (non tele-prompted) remarks? Instead, Senator Reid’s “failure to act” caused President Obama to take another “Economic Hammer” to Las Vegas again last week. Seems like the only one (politician) that has the “intestinal fortitude” to stand up to the president and ask for an apology is our Honorable Mayor Oscar Goodman. Thank you Mayor!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Reject Senator Reid

As a proud Nevada veteran, I have pledged to assist in the effort to oust Senator Reid from his U.S. Senate seat. Sen. Harry Reid has become an embarrassment to Nevadans as evident in the following comments. "The president is a liar and a loser,” (which one he was talking about, I’m not sure ), “The war is lost,” (referring to just before the surge) “There’s nothing wrong with that – it’s all the art of politics and political representation,” (referring to the political deal (bribe) for Sen. Nelson D-Neb. and Sen. Landrieu D-LA) “The doctors should just stop whining about this and just take care of their patients,” (referring to physician's demand that TORT ‘BS lawsuits’ reform be added to the healthcare bill) “I hope they go out of business,” (referring to the Las Vegas Review Journal when meeting a reporter in a dinner line) “Senator Kennedy’s death will ‘help him pass healthcare” (no clarification needed) “He’s a light-skinned negro who can turn his dialect on and off” (and black leaders defended him) Liberal Fools - Sheep!!
Stay tuned for more from the “Lame duck Senator Reid, D-Nevada.”