Thursday, February 11, 2010

Obama back to LV on taxpayer's dime

I would like to start by saying, "Actions shout from the rooftops compared to one's rhetoric." So is the case of our president and Senator Harry Reid from Nevada. On February 18th, Pres. Obama and his "posse" will arrive in Las Vegas for a fundraiser for Sen. Reid's re-election campaign. These actions, by our president, are in express contention to a “presidential directive” depriving any government agency from visiting Las Vegas, NV using tax supported funds. However, since our president can’t or won’t follow his own directive…..does that make him above policy? Reminds me of a quote by another self-discredited president, Richard Nixon, when he said, “If the president does it, is it really against the law? Oh, how the hypocrisy continues!!

It was our Senator Harry Reid who stood idle when President Obama first called for a moratorium on Las Vegas by government agencies – which sounded like, “Don’t go to Las Vegas and blow your hard earned money,” to most everyone in our nation. That was a year ago. Since then over 700 conventions were cancelled at an estimated cost (LV bureau of tourism) to our economy exceeding 100 million dollars. If Senator Reid is this “all powerful” senator, why couldn’t he get the president to recant or at least clarify his (non tele-prompted) remarks? Instead, Senator Reid’s “failure to act” caused President Obama to take another “Economic Hammer” to Las Vegas again last week. Seems like the only one (politician) that has the “intestinal fortitude” to stand up to the president and ask for an apology is our Honorable Mayor Oscar Goodman. Thank you Mayor!!