Friday, January 15, 2010

Reject Senator Reid

As a proud Nevada veteran, I have pledged to assist in the effort to oust Senator Reid from his U.S. Senate seat. Sen. Harry Reid has become an embarrassment to Nevadans as evident in the following comments. "The president is a liar and a loser,” (which one he was talking about, I’m not sure ), “The war is lost,” (referring to just before the surge) “There’s nothing wrong with that – it’s all the art of politics and political representation,” (referring to the political deal (bribe) for Sen. Nelson D-Neb. and Sen. Landrieu D-LA) “The doctors should just stop whining about this and just take care of their patients,” (referring to physician's demand that TORT ‘BS lawsuits’ reform be added to the healthcare bill) “I hope they go out of business,” (referring to the Las Vegas Review Journal when meeting a reporter in a dinner line) “Senator Kennedy’s death will ‘help him pass healthcare” (no clarification needed) “He’s a light-skinned negro who can turn his dialect on and off” (and black leaders defended him) Liberal Fools - Sheep!!
Stay tuned for more from the “Lame duck Senator Reid, D-Nevada.”