Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Impeach President Obama, coming soon!

Within the coming year, gas prices will hit $6.00 per gallon and the cost of "winter fuel oil" in my home state of Wisconsin will double (and I don't want to hear the whining).

Fast & Furious will lead to the top (Obama) with the confirmed deaths of over 200 Mexican citizens by Obama's gun running scandal - Holder will be forced to resign.

The "Libya Cover UP" will be exposed and lead to a massive resignation of Petraeus and Panetta. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will be asked to testify against the president and Obama will deny her testimony and the scandal will die on the vine with a media cover up.

The coal industry will be hard hit by the EPA and close 20 to 40% of their production, resulting in electricity going up at least 50%. Those summer $200 electric bills in LV will be $300 per month.

EPA scandals resulting in billions of taxpayer dollars going to Obama cronies inc. 

Low income people will be hardest hit due to higher prices on everything. Obamacare will force the closing of numerous businesses nationwide and the US will re-enter into a recession with over 10% unemployment, 15% for Hispanics, and north of 20% of blacks.

Not to mention Obama's Katrina (Sandy), disrespecting Israel in its upcoming strike against Iran by not supporting every munitions wish-list, joining the United Nations in condemming Israel, and easing sanctions on IRAN to rebuild "their Bomb".

Finally, after the debt crisis will reveal that this administration is powerless and clueless on what to do. The US House of Representatives will be forced by the American People to proceed with Impeachment proceedings.