Saturday, July 31, 2010

Kagan Committed a Crime

Supreme Court nominee Elana Kagan altered an official report knowingly to persuade the Supreme Court justices to rule in her (and clients) favor. The official charge is "conspiracy to defraud the Supreme Court". The legal watchdog groups filing suit (Judicial Watch & Freedom Watch, USA) intend to have Ms. Kagan disbarred from practicing law. Read the whole report for yourself and come to your own conclusion at and then search:

The justices of the United States Supreme Court need to be of a higher moral and ethical standard than that of President Obama's last nominee, Sonya Sodomayor. She lied in her confirmation hearings when she said, "I truly believe that the right to legally own a firearm is an individual's right." First chance she got, once confirmed, was to vote against the individual's legal right to own a firearm in Chicago. "Liberal Fools" have no standards to live by, because a majority of them have never been in an organization that teaches 'honor and discipline'. Wake up America, we don't need another Harvard Community College graduate on the US Supreme Court. They can't read the black of the US Constitution, only between the lines to suade arguments in their favor.


  1. Great find. This should put a kink in their armour if we can get the word out. Let's see how long it takes the MSM to do a story on this. It's all coming down to good and evil. Or at least it sure does seem too.

  2. wow, i had to go to four or five sites to find the issue behind the story. The link doesn't work.

    This story is based on really narrow reading of what she did and what happened. Reading the AUL complaint, which is the basis for the suit, i don't think she did anything serious enough to get the court to disbar her. I doubt they'll do anything.

    Also the story at Free Republic has alot of righties bashing the Founder of JW and FW, suggesting he has a lousy record and doesn't win much. the specific quote is, "Not this idiot again"

  3. Those were "Liberal Fools" trying to refute his findings. Mostly because they have a broad-minded view of liberal indiscretions and a narrow view when its a conservative. We know the drill, patriots have a constricted view of how the law and the US Constitution reads.

  4. well, atleast when it doesn't amount to anything they'll be right.

    patriots have What???

    What does the football team have to do with this?

  5. We get another pinko commie liberal on the bench. She is exactly what Obama wanted another Liberal Puppet for Obama the PUPPET MASTER to pull the strings.. While George Soros pulls his.

  6. Oy, don't get me started.


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