Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sarah Palin on the US Debt

Thank God Sarah Palin didn't go to HHC (Harvard Community College). HHC has only produced "Liberal Fools" whom believe that 'theorizing' can produce results. When it is action through experience that produces positive outcomes. Since our president has no prior experience with anything larger than a 'one family economy' we act surprised. As commander-in-chief he that can't tell the difference between a dead body and a sailor (corpsman), some act surprised. Face it people, the social experiment was nice in theory but a disaster in practice. No longer can this country afford amateur hour in the white house. We need a “leader from the front” who is willing to support and defend the Constitution of the United States and each and every 'state constitution' subjugate thereof.

In Sarah’s words:

Barack Obama’s big government policies continue to fail. He should put a link to the national debt clock on his BlackBerry. The gears on that clock have nearly exploded during his administration. Yesterday’s terrible job numbers should not be a surprise because it all goes back to our debt. Our dangerously unsustainable debt is wiping out our jobs, crippling our economic growth, and jeopardizing our position in the global economy as the leader of the free world.
As a governor, I had to deal with facts, even unpleasant ones. I dealt with the world as it is, not as I wished it to be. The “elite” political class in this country with their heads in the sand had better face some unpleasant facts about the world as it is. They’ve run out of money and no amount of accounting gimmicks or happy talk will change this reality. Those of us who live in the real world could see this day coming.
Back in January 2009, as governor of Alaska, I announced: “We also have to be mindful about the effect of the stimulus package on the national debt and the future economic health of the country. We won’t achieve long-term stability if we continue borrowing massive sums from foreign countries and remain dependent on foreign sources of oil and gas.” Then I urged President Obama to veto the stimulus bill because it was loaded with absolutely useless pork and unfunded mandates. Everyone knows my early and vocal opposition to that mother of all unfunded mandates known as Obamacare starting back in August 2009, and many recall my objections to the Federal Reserves’ inflationary games with our currency known as QE2 from November 2010. It’s a matter of public record that I did not go to Harvard Law School, but I can add.


  1. All these universities do is brainwash our youth into excepting massive debt, no social security and a lifestyle that is lower then the generation before them. If the youth could think for themselves they would see what the Democratic Party is doing with their help.

  2. I love Sarah. She sure knows how to zing the President when he deserves it.
    Chris is right about the universities brainwashing the youth. Van Jones, Al Gore & Obama target the youth, too. Get them while their young and impressionable, and it starts in kindergarten.


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