Monday, July 30, 2012

Recall Reid

US Senator Harry Reid "Pinky"communicating his contenpt for the American people when he called us, "Evil Doers" for questioning him.

Now, it is time to start collecting signatures to force the recall election of US Senator Harry Reid (Pinky). He is derelict in his constitutional duty to submit a fiscal budget for the last three years - budget extensions don't count.  In addition, Sen. Reid violated campaign laws in Nevada by prompting "big business and unions" to offer time off, perks, and rides for its members to polling stations to court their vote. Another intimidation by Sen. Reid was his arm twisting of Henderson Mayor Hafen to change the minimun requirements for employment to hire Josh Reid (Harry's son) as Henderson City Attorney. Since Senator Reid had previously hired Mayor Hafen's daughter, in Harry's eyes it was just calling in a favor. Here in Nevada we call it "Abuse of Power". Sen. Reid has refused to even schedule debate or floor discussion - let alone a vote on over 30 US House of Representative job creating, tax reducing, and regulation relieving bills. Senator Reid is purposely preventing the American voter from learning how Democratic senators stand on key issues before the election. And finally, Sen. Reid is shielding US Attorney General Eric Holder and President Obama from the "Fast & Furious" gun running scandal and cover-up responsible for over 200 directly related deaths of Mexican citizens and US border patrol agent Brian Terry. It makes one wonder; did Pinky know of Fast & Furious too?

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